Friday, April 13, 2007

Nassau, Bahamas

Bermuda, Bahama, you know you wanna. Nassau, Bahamas, a place I love visiting because of the beauty and attractions. The first time I ever went to Nassau was terrific. I was excited to go to the beach and see what the island had to offer. Like most islands, there are the occasional run down areas, but the nicer parts definatly over shadow them.

When my family and I arrived on the island we grabbed a taxi and headed to Paradise Island (a specific part of the island) to go see the Atlantis Hotel. Once we got there my jaw immediatly dropped. It's huge! The outside of the hotel is painted a caribbean pink and is decorated with oceanic creatures and objects, and countless fountains. The enterance of the hotel consists of two massive ten foot iron doors. You walk into a huge lobby that has stairs that lead down to the dining room, and an aquarium full of tropical fish, sting rays, and sharks. To the left when you enter the lobby is the casino. It is filled with statues and artwork of all sorts. One main theme you will find throughout the hotel is glass artwork. There are also detailed paintings on the ceilings of angels, Gods, and the different zodiac signs.

Not only does the hotel have beauty, it also has amazing shops. In the hotel there are many different, expensive shops with brand goods such as Gucci and Rolex. The shops are not the only expensive things, the rooms are not cheap at all. The cheapest room in the hotel is around $300 a night, while the most expensive is about $2400 a night.

The hotel does offer great activities to the guests staying there. You can snorkel, swim with stingrays, or just relax by the private pool and bar area. My family and I though go to a beach a mile or so away. It is a little hidden behind a hill that you have to walk up and over. It actually makes it even more spectacular to see. Once you come up over the hill you are taken back by the white sand and crystal clear water before you.

On our most recent trip to Nassau, we re-visited this beach only to find rough water, huge waves, and the shoreline all tore up from a recent storm. We decided to head back to the ship so we walked up toward a hotel just off the beach. Once inside we got some water and the hotel called for a taxi to come pick us up. Little did we know an Excursion would be taking us back. (This is awesome and rare since most taxis are just large vans with no air conditioning that can fit ten, but the drivers always cram in fourteen) If anyone has seen the movie Casino Royale that just came out, the hotel Bond stays in during the beginning of the movie, is the same hotel we were in. It's pretty cool.

So if you ever go on a cruise and travel to Nassau check out the Atlantis Hotel and the beach behind it. Beware of the locals trying to braid your hair, sell you purses, bracelets, and drugs, they are everywhere!!! Have fun, and be prepared with a credit card if you want to buy anything from the Atlantis Hotel.

Picture: The Atlantis Hotel

Picture: The aquarium in the Atlantis Hotel, me pretening to be smooching a fish. I'll try to find more pictures to add for everyone to see.


Blogger Elizabeth Gehres said...

Wow! Your trip seems like it was amazing. Your pictures are really pretty and it seemed like a great trip. I have seen the new James Bond movie and that is so neat that you were at the same hotel where the movie was shot! Atlantis Hotel seems like an amazing place, to have been able to see. The little private beach you found would be so neat to see. I'm sure it all was so beautiful, if I ever would get the chance to go Nassau I will defiantly go to the Atlantis hotel. Your trips sound amazing and it's really neat that you get to experience all that!

April 13, 2007 at 12:45 PM  
Blogger Derek John Boczkowski said...


Great post. Wonderful detail! Just be sure to hit an extra space between paragraphs. And get ready to link to outside sources from hereon out. 5/5

April 15, 2007 at 6:59 PM  
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